Completing the Annual Plan

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Municipalities continue to see the benefits and cost savings that STSJP can bring to their local strategy to serve youth who are at risk of and/or come into contact with the juvenile justice system. OCFS encourages all municipalities to submit an STSJP plan for the upcoming program year.


Use the following form to apply to OCFS for a waiver to roll over any portion of the municipality’s anticipated unspent 2020–2021 STSJP allocation.

Use the following form to complete your municipality’s STSJP Annual Plan for PY 2021-2022. For additional guidance, please keep reading below.

Use the following resources and information to assist you in completing the STSJP Annual Plan for PY 2021-2022.

E-mail the completed form to OCFS via the STSJP mailbox:


Executive Law § 529-b requires participating municipalities to engage in a collaborative effort in the community to support the successful planning and administration of STSJP-funded programs. To achieve this, OCFS recommends that there be a standing committee of STSJP stakeholders.

The STSJP plan that a municipality submits must be developed in cooperation with the local departments responsible for probation, law enforcement, detention, diversion, and social services, as well as with courts, service providers, schools, families and youth development programs. OCFS strongly urges inclusion of families and youth in all aspects of STSJP plan development and is especially concerned that there be ongoing and strong collaboration between the Department of Probation, Department of Social Services, Youth Bureau, and any other agency that may be designated as a lead agency.

Designating a Lead Agency

The chief executive officer of a municipality that wishes to participate in STSJP must designate a lead agency for the purposes of planning and administering services provided under the program. Which entity should administer services - probation or the local department of social services (LDSS)?

Application Guidelines

Executive Law § 529-b requires municipalities to address the following components in their STSJP plans:

Please see the Municipality Planning Resources page for data and information that will assist you in addressing these requirements.