Office of Children and Family Services

Adult Protective Services

The Victims

To report adult abuse, call (within New York State only): 1-844-697-3505 between 8:30 a.m. and 8 p.m. or contact the local, county social services department’s Adult Protective Service bureau.

Adult and elder abuse exists across all demographic and geographic boundaries. Victims of adult abuse include the frail elderly, the developmentally disabled, the mentally ill, the physically disabled, and substance abusers. Anyone can become a victim of abuse, regardless of age, gender, financial status, or background.

Adult abuse is often a "hidden" problem, partly because the victims fail to report abuse and mistreatment:

  • Guilt, shame, and love prevent the abuse from being reported when the abuser is a friend or family member
  • Fear of retaliation from the accused abuser
  • Perceived lack of a safer alternative to the current living situation
  • Impairments may make it impossible for the victim to seek help for themselves
  • Victims may not know where or how to seek help, and are often isolated
  • Victims fear the loss of a caregiver -- even an abusive one