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Post Build 15: Reauthorization of a FAD Home and Inputing Medical Exam Dates for Foster Parents in the Home

Question: If a FAD home is due for reauthorization in the month of May 2002 for example, but the medicals exam dates for the foster parents in the home are on a different cycle than the reauthorization cycle (for example: every two years, so that the medicals are due in January 2003) will the system close the home as a result of the medical date edits implemented in Build 15?

Answer: No, the system will not automatically close the FAD home. The time that the system will check for valid medical dates is at the point of recertification. The system will not check homes in an ongoing way and close them if the medical exam date is not current. Only when the recertification is due will the system look for the medical exam dates. In order to recertify the FAD home the system will require medical dates for the foster parents.

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