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OCFS Intranet

Did You Know?

Did You Know...Events in CONNECTIONS can also be viewed as a printed report. The Event History Report contains events for a stage or a case. You can also search for events that match specific criteria. To search for events take the following steps:

  1. Click on the WORK button on the CONNECTIONS Toolbar.
    The Assigned Workload displays.
  2. Write down the Case ID number from the stage for which you want to view the Event List.
  3. Click on the CASE button on the CONNECTIONS Toolbar.
    The Case Search Criteria window displays.
  4. Enter the Case ID number into the Case ID field.
  5. Click on the Search button.
    The Case List displays the case that matches the search criteria.
  6. Click on the case to select it.
  7. Click on the Events button. The Event List displays for the selected case.

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