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CPS Did You Know?

Did You Know...At times a reporter will provide the SCR with additional information that is relevant to a CPS case that is either open or under investigation. An Additional Information (ADD INFO) contains no allegations and may include more identitying details such as names, addresses, birth dates, relationships or other information related to the case. Since and ADD INFO contains no allegations, it is not classified as a report. The SCR transmits an ADD INFO to the local district. The information displays on the Assigned Workload with "ADD" in the Type column.

An Additional Information is merged with the original case by the SCR and thereby receives the same Case ID number as that of the original report. An Additional Information is not progressed to the Investigation stage in CONNECTIONS. An Additional Information Intake stage should be closed, using the Intake Priority Closure window after it has been accepted and reviewed by the local district.

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