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CPS Did You Know?

Did You Know...The OCI Management report is actually made up of three Separate Reports. The Open Case Inquiry Management Report is a snapshot of each worker's caseload. It lists all the open cases on a given caseload, and a Safety Assessment and Investigation Conclusion for each Intake Report (stage). It also flags any Investigation Stage in which a Safety Assessment and/or Investigation Conclusion is overdue. The Open Case Inquiry Monthly Management Summary Report provides an aggregate count of open Investigation Stages. The OCI Investigation Statewide Total Report (due in December 2001 or January 2002) is a statewide report that provides data on different levels of aggregation. It is useful in monitoring overall program performance. These three management reports are only available to individuals designated by the district's Implementation Coordinator. They are run in a monthly batch. The OCI Reports are described in more detail in the Step by Step Guide for CPS Workers in the CONNECTIONS Public Folders.

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