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OCFS Intranet

CPS Did You Know?

Did You Know...There are Reports available in CONNECTIONS to help you manage your workload. The Open Caseload Inquiry Report (OCI) is a workload management report that is available in CONNECTIONS for all CPS workers, supervisors, and managers. The worker level OCI can be accessed by any CPS worker who has an assigned workload in CONNECTIONS. The Report will list work that is coming due and overdue in each Investigation Stage. It can be used, along with the CONNECTIONS To-Do's to help manage caseload activity. The OCI is easy to access! Just click on the Reports Menu on the Assigned Workload to launch the Report. Then click on the Reports Icon on the Toolbar to retrieve the Report. Unit supervisors can also access the OCI for workers in their units by going through the Unit Icon to each worker's assigned workload.

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